Winter mood

It’s been a while since I’ve taken part in the Norwegian Interior Blogs‘ challenges because of our move, but I thought I would take part this time. This is my contribution to the Winter mood challenge. It might not a traditional entry.. but more of an eclectic one. 

I’ve recently half painted our bedroom walls and I love the colours. It’s completely changed to room. The dusty pink and teal give the room a more intimate and welcoming feel. The bedroom was so cold and bland before. 

In my winter mood bedroom pigs can fly and, thanks to lovely artist Katrin, a strong man with a moustache has a pair of beautiful wings. 

Nice cosy blankets and some candles are a must in the winter. I picked up the framed flowery embroidery at a market in France for a €1. The Juju hat from Gong

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Happy Weekend!!