White living

After a hectic weekend, actually mostly spent outside for a change, due to sunny weather, it’s good to get back to work. I’m trying to take a bit of time off at the weekend instead of spending time on social media. I’ve noticed that a few other bloggers are doing the same thing. There are two many screens to look at and too many distractions.

Like I said we spent most of the weekend outside, but I also spent some time rearranging cupboards and taking things to a charity shop. It feels good to de-clutter.  When I saw these photos I’m thinking about de-cluttering even more. I like the white walls and the simplicity of it all.


bed-room-fantastic-frankborgmc3a4stargatan SFD410F051706F540B1B0ADF9D8585CC2A5_2200x SFDADF58C5AA0E94C71B7E89AC8B43DF316_2200xphotos by Fantastic Frank

Have a great new week! x