We’re moving to..

Scotland!!! Well done to Deborah for finding the little clue. The Rennie Mackintosh detailed windows. Well done to Nicki too for guessing Scotland. I’ll be able to show you lots of cool places to visit, stay, eat, drink, shop you name it..! I studied in Glasgow and worked in Edinburgh before we came to France, so I know Scotland quite well. I’m sure lots have changed though. Were we had our first date there’s no longer a pub, but a fab Italian. 🙂

As I mentioned, we’ll be renting a flat first to find where we’d like to settle. It’s all very exciting and quite strange leaving France, but we miss family and friends. It’ll even be much easier for us to see my family in Norway as they’ll only be a short flight away. So time has come to say bye to France after 9 years.. I’m sure we’ll be back for holidays though. 

So, in a few months I’ll be blogging from trendy coffee shops, sipping macchiatos and taking you round the country. Until then, I shall enjoy the French weather as the Scottish weather won’t be quite as good..  

Have a brilliant weekend!!