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Tuesday Tips – Moving…

So a lot of you know that we’re moving from France to Scotland. My simple tip is start packing EARLY and I mean really early. I started going through things weeks ago. I always underestimate how much we’ve got and it’s taken a lot longer than I imagined it would. As you probably know it can be really stressful to move house. Like I said we’re not just moving down the road, but we’re moving to a different country. We’re moving from our 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom (rented) apartment where we will stay for a while, but we don’t know how long. We’ve had to sell, donate and recycle quite a lot. It also means we’ll be moving again in a few months time.. (oh no!) At least we won’t have 42 degrees when we move in Scotland.. It’s probably more likely to be raining and of course we won’t have so many things. 

photo Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images

After some very hot,  long days of packing I’m afraid this is all I can manage as a Tuesday Tip today. I promise my tip next will be more substantial. I’m exhausted!