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Tuesday Tips – Bedroom workspace

With limited space for my office in our bedroom it’s all about being organised. In order to not completely take over the bedroom, I’ve stored everything I don’t need on a daily basis under the bed in storage boxes. This way I still have easy acces to things when I need them, but the bedroom doesn’t feel cluttered (neither does the office space).
I think the most important thing for a bedroom office is to face away from the bed. Ideally towards a window, but of course that’s not always possible. You need to create a feeling of NOT being in the bedroom. After all you’re “at work”.. 
For me it’s really important that my desk is easy to change.. you might have noticed that I change things (a lot), so (for now) I’m using a back to front canvas as shelves. I’ve hung up my calendar and surrounded myself with some nice memories and inspiring quotes. 

photo by me

I wrote this post before I left France. I now know that a bedroom workspace can be great and can work well, but remember to be organised and avoid clutter! Your space needs to feel inspiring. 
I’ll be back with more Tuesday Tips next week! Hope to see you then! 
It’s nice to be back!
Have a lovely day.