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Tuesday Tips – Empty Frames

So when it comes to empty frames, yes I have written about them before. It was one of the first things I tried myself when I started blogging. I couldn’t get enough of vintage frames. In France, they are everywhere at Bric-à-bracs. 
Last weeks Tuesday Tip was about duplicating art and this week it’s about displaying empty frames.. I think we need a DIY next week!
I love this display and the fact that the frames have been painted the same colour as the wall. The frames are all different and that makes it more interesting. The rustic string goes really well with the wooden crates and the vintage door headboard (which by the way is just beautiful). Love the peacock feather and the frame in a frame! I think this is a great alternative to displaying art. The frames become art themselves. 
The wall colour also matches the linen sheets and it makes it look like a very peaceful room. To make this room more industrial and not too sweet, Lina has added black as an accent colour.
photos by Lina på landet
If you’ve been creative with empty frames please link to it below, so we can come and have a look!