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Tuesday Tips – DIY Doily Baskets

Hi, I’m Minni from a blog called Nimidesign. I’m so excited to share this easy DIY project with you today on Tuesday Tips!

This doily basket project is very easy and simple to do and the results are fun!
Things you will need:

Crochet doilies
Bowls in different sizes and shapes
Cling film
1 dl of water
1 dl of sugar
Crochet doilies are easy to find from thrift stores and they make great diy material for different projects. I noticed that the ones made with thicker yarn work better for making baskets. Instead of using glue or toxic hardeners, we’re using sugar as a hardener. The fun thing about using sugar as a hardener is that it can be washed away with water. This means that you can use the doilies for other projects in the future if you want! How great is that?
Wrap the bowls with cling film. The cling film makes removing the baskets easier. Boil the water and mix with the sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved. Put the doilies to the sugar-water mixture. Remove from the mixture and squeeze the doily gently so that it’s not dripping but still wet. Set the doily on a bowl and smooth out the wrinkles. Let the doily dry for at least 24 hours and remove from the bowl carefully. You have a finished doily bowl! It can be used to hold small treats and items or it could make a great gift if filled with sweets or other treats.

Have a lovely day everyone and thanks Hege for having me as a guest blogger!