Tuesday Tips – DIY Canvas Mirror

I’ve already written a post about back to front canvas and art display, but this is a bit different. Restaurant Zizzi we visited at the weekend (to celebrate Mother’s Day) also had a bit of a surprise in the bathrooms. Yes, I sneaked my camera in and took some photos. 

In addition to all artwork in the restaurant being on back to front canvases, the mirror in the bathroom was a collection of different size canvases with mirrors inside. Genius! This is definitely an idea to steal.. 

Here’s what you need:
different size canvases, 
strong glue, 
cut to size mirrors (not as expensive as you might think)
attachments to the wall

I think this is also a great way of creating a large mirror. It wasn’t just the mirrors I liked. The industrial style bathroom was also really smart. 

See you back next week for more Tuesday Tips