Tuesday Tips – ART DIY

Now, I’m certainly not an artist and a lot of you probably feel the same way, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a go at making things. This kind of art – we can all do! It’s so simple and can add a lot to a room – colour and / or pattern!
You need:
– plywood or canvas
– paint (tester pots or leftovers will do)
– masking tape
– roller or paint brush
– ruler or spirit level 

If you think this is too difficult, but still want to try why not do something like this?!

Last year, in France, I made something similar (click here to see my DIY). It was really easy to do and it added a bit of something to our living room. 

As our topic is art today I’ve found a video for you to watch. Are you ready for 4 minutes of pure inspiration?! I love it! Installation by Juanan Requena. If you have an empty wall, well here’s what to do with it!

AMONG FUGUE & RETURN [installation] from Juanan Requena on Vimeo

Good, isn’t it?!

If you make this simple art DIY or have already made something similar please link below so we can have a look! More Tuesday Tips here.