Tuesday Tips – Add a top

Sometimes accidents happen and you might have scratch on a piece of furniture. This is a great way of “fixing” the problem. Add a thin top to it – you no longer see the scratch and it looks nice and updated. To me this unit from A Merry Mishap looks like it’s had a design detail added to it – trendy light wood. You can either place the plywood directly on top or glue it to the unit. 
photos by A Merry Mishap
photo by Daniella Witte
In Daniella Witte’s photos you see a thin cement top over the units. This not only makes it look more interesting, but it also makes it look like one large much more expensive unit. I love the way she’s glued a sheet to the underside of the wall units too. They look very special and unique. After all it is all in the details… 

photos by Daniella Witte
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