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Tuesday Tips – Add large boards

Today I would like to show you some really easy ways of using large boards. 
We quite often see boards used in styling like here,
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Siren Lauvdal
Siren Lauvdal

but why not use them in homes too? 

If you are renting and unable to paint a room, this is an easy way of adding some colour. It’s also easily changed, a bit of a statement and perhaps less daunting than painting a wall or a whole room. 

I’ve used an old table top in our kitchen, but you could use plywood boards, MDF, a large canvas  or even an old door would do. My board is simply leaning against the wall. Boards can of course also be wallpapered or covered in fabric. 

Hege in France Tuesday Tips

In the livingroom I’ve wallpapered two MDF panels. I’ve not added colour, but a pattern.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips
Some other examples of what to do with large panels.
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Anne Leeuw
Anne Leeuw
Hege in France Tuesday Tips via Wendes Gray
source Wendes Gray
Boards can even be used to cover up things like electrical plugs as we see below in this photo.  
Hege in France Tuesday Tips

So this is what I would do instead of painting a room a certain colour. I would add a large statement board. It’s inexpensive and very easily changed. It even takes less time. 

Hope you liked this weeks Tuesday Tips! If you have any relevant examples please linke below in the comment field. If you have a statement board please link to it. It was quite difficult to find examples. 

Happy Tuesday!