Time for a break

After a lot of deadlines, it’s time for a break. We’ll be travelling tomorrow and taking a Summer break. We’re off to see my parents who live in Spain and are all really looking forward to it. We’ll be staying with them for most of the time, but we’ve also booked an amazing Airbnb apartment for a few days. Can’t wait to show you photos from it as it looks so good!

Magnus, 9, packed his own bag this morning.. I still haven’t openend it. He says he’s packed everything he needs and I’m seriously tempted not to open it, but I guess I’ll have to…

I’ve sheduled a couple of posts for while we’re away. Hope you’ve got some time off to. I’ll be doing some work while I’m away, but I’m hoping to get a rest and to relax in the sun most of the time. You can of course follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

time for a break from my black and white workspace

Like the look of my minimal charging dock? Get your own from Native Union. You can get the Muuto leaf here.  It looks great in black and green too. I would really like the floor lamp too.

Looking back to last years holiday you can see my pictures here. It was also an Airbnb. I take my time chosing them trust me, but I think it pays off. I’ve found some really nice ones.

So, time to get packing! We’re leaving the rain behind and are going off to see the sun for a few days.

Happy Holidays! x