The terracotta trend

Hi there, it’s Gudy from Eclectic Trends and covering a day of Hege’s short summer leave is just the perfect moment to pop in and say “Hello”. And since we are hopefully all already in a summer mood, let me talk about the terracotta trend. I spotted this new colour first in February at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, got the confirmation in Milan at the Salone del Mobile and now you just have to travel to Pinterest.

Terracotta is, and that is the interesting thing, not just a colour trend but the same material is being used for different products such as small furniture or lifestyle accessories. Even the frowned upon flower pots are having a real come back!
Ben Medansky’s ceramics are uniquely hand crafted with simple form, practical design and eternal materials and the styling on the pics really helps to understand that terracotta has always been timeless.
Tomas Kral is the designer behind those terracotta lamps. Produced in Extremadura, the region in which the classic Spanish ceramic drinking jug was invented, this collection of lamps again draws a connection between the centuries-old tradition of our craftsmen and Tomas Kral’s design skills.

Aren’t those terracotta pouff and tables just fantastic? They call it a seating and table system at Italian label Flai. You can when lifting the top, use them for storing stuff too.

And how about these cool desk accessories inspired by bricks? It is called Adobe and consists of 5 pieces. You decide the use, it could be nice for a bath room too. What do you think?

But these are my favourite pieces, the more weathered they are, the more beautiful! It’s all about simplicity. Very much en vogue these days and feeling so good.

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Let`s finish up with a very inspiring interior pic too. Those plant nursery shelves and pot steps from Kekkilä are just too cool!

Hope you have enjoyed this little red soil journey and would love to know what your terracotta plans are?
Warmly, Gudy