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The routines return..

We’re back in Scotland and this morning it was back to school for Magnus. For me it’s 100% back in the blog world and getting on with all those projects I’ve got in my head. It’s been really good being away for a bit. I found it both refreshing and inspiring. I’ve met some wonderful people and been able to catch up with my family. We hadn’t been to Norway for 3 years, so it was about time. 

Here’s a coffee shop we visited in Stavern, Norway. It’s called The Yellow Gallery (Det Gule Galleriet). There’s vintage furniture, lots of art and colours, courses and concerts too. Every time I’ve been there it’s always been really busy. I like the fact that different areas of the coffee shop has completely different furniture and quite often it’s vintage. It creates such a nice homey atmosphere. The coffee is nice too. 

Love that wallpaper!
Hope you’ve had a nice Easter.