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The need for light

I like my floating shelves and have even dedicated a Tuesday Tips post about them, so when I saw this photo with black floating wall units I had to post it. This also goes hand in hand with my post on stools as you are able to store things below these units. Not to mention all the cool artwork you can display on top. I can’t wait to try this one day. 
photo by Helt Enkelt
I also like the white floors and walls in this room. I guess you might have noticed this already.. It’s taken me years to realise that I need light (I know need is a strong word, but it’s the way I feel). I simply feel better when there’s lots of light. Do you know what I mean or does this just make me sound crazy?! It must have something to do with my Scandinavian roots.

White floors and walls can really help a dark room feel lighter. I wish we had painted the floors in our French barn white instead of staining them dark brown. It did look nice with our stone and white walls, but if we had painted the floors white it would have really helped with the lack of light. Back in 2004 when we renovated our barn I don’t think I had seen many white floors before, so this wasn’t even something I considered.. Had it been now it would have been a different story and there would have been lots of pots of floor paint involved.. White of course!