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Such a great day!

Wow! If somebody would like to give me a job doing this every day I would be really happy! It’s the most fun I’ve had for ages! We went down to an old abandoned building and had a little photo shoot.. 🙂 It was fun! I can’t show the photos as they are of spirits, but I’m going back down another day to take photos of my vintage shop items. I can show this as it’s just some Canelés that we bought (and ate!) to have with the drink in the photos.. The spirits brand is from Bordeaux and this is a traditional cake from Bordeaux..  I brought back the ceramic plate from a nice market in Thailand years ago. 

Today I’m on Open house blog, Norway and there are more photos from my house..
Tomorrow I’ll let you know the 3 winners of the “From Above” challenge 🙂

Have a nice evening!