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Stamp DIY

 I’ve done a tiny bit of DIY today.. 

I simply used my scrapbooking stamps and painted on some fabric paint with a paintbrush. The number or word was stamped onto our kitchen towels and then left to dry. ( I bought 2 packs of 4 in IKEA for 2.99€ ). They now need to go in the oven for 15 minutes and then it should stick! 🙂 Simple! I’ll try washing them and if the result is good I’ll be attacking our clothes too!  🙂
Do you like my French stamp “apprendre en faisant des bêtises” quite funny I think and apropriate. It means something like “learning whilst doing silly things”.. The ring around the word Bonheur I did by painting the top of a tin and stamping it onto the fabric.

Thank you so much for the comments on the new challenge! 
Hope you’ll all take part!!

Looks like I’ll be spending the weekend inside with my feverish little boy.. 
Have a nice weekend!