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Soon Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of days and I’m rummaging around in my Christmas decorations.. What’s going on?! I’ll explain. 
I had an idea.. You can use your fairy lights to make a heart. All you need is some masking tape and a bit of patience and it works really well. We’ve now got a huge heart in our living room ready for Valentine’s Day.
First find the midpoint of your lights and make that the middle of the heart. Then shape the two sides. This is perfect for parents who stay in, but still wants a bit of romance on Valentine’s Day. 

I also made some more cement candle holders. I made some before Christmas too, so you can find the step by step tutorial here. They are really easy to make. 
You need quick drying cement for this project. This time I added some red paint for Valentine’s Day. I made a line all around the candle holders with some masking tape and painted them.
I believe in little details when it comes to red, as I feel it makes it less tacky.. 

The cute stone heart is from the Spring /  Summer collection at B&Q.

valentine on Make A Gif

Now all a girl has to do is wait and hope for some flowers.. 
and maybe some chocolates too..

The products in this post were sponsored by B&Q