Soon Valentine

So it’s already February and that means that it’s soon St Valentine’s Day of course! Do you celebrate?! We normally end up with a last minute thing, so I thought this year we would plan the 14th of February for once.. Hence the early start.. 

Do you know why St Valentine is celebrated on the 14th of February?! It’s quite a strange story  and I don’t want to spoil it for you so if you want to know more click HERE… if not, just celebrate your love for somebody and continue to think it’s all about love like I did.. Blissfully ignorant…

Hege in France St Valentine
Hege in France St Valentine Stendig calendar from Zoma
Hege in France St Valentine
My Stending Calendar from Zoma is black this month, so my office has changed slightly. 
I like it black. 
Now what would we do without masking tape and pink neon?!
Happy FRIDAY!!