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So that’s what they’re called!

I’ve been looking for something for a while, but when you don’t know the name of something it’s difficult to know what to search for.. I was searching for Bridge Balcony Planters.. ! I saw them whilst driving past some apartments and I set off searching for them.  I’m really glad I found them as I think they’re a great solution and they look cool too! I couldn’t find them in any of the shops around here, so I ended up ordering them online
We don’t have any outside space, so it was really nice to find these planters. I like clever design and this really is. The planters sit on the railing itself, so there’s no need to buy anything extra to secure them. It’s all very neat and tidy. 
It makes it a bit more cheerful in the kitchen and it also looks great from the outside. This is now a nice space where you can open the double doors, sit down and have a little tea break (with an interior design magazine of course! I don’t think I have ever bought a magazine that wasn’t about interior design!! I don’t even look at anything else.. That’s what you call dedication, isn’t it?!)
Really hope the sun will stay out for the weekend.. 
Happy Friday!!!