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So pretty

Check out this post by Decouvrir Design! LIKE IT A LOT!
By the way my diet is going totally fine. Dare I say this… hm.. I’m not missing anything! 🙂
Not even bothered about cutting up bread for my boys or the fact that we’ve got SMARTIES in the cupboard (ok maybe a little bit, but I haven’t even gone near them!)
I can already after 13 days feel a difference.. This might sound very strange as I’m mostly writing about interior design and DIY, but I’m going to tell you anyway as some people wanted to know more about it. I’ve had cold feet for I don’t know how many years, but since starting my new diet my feet are boiling! Really hoping that this can help me with my diagnosed fibromyalgia too. Imagine if it was all wrong and that I have a gluten allergy or something.. WOW! I’ve had backpain for the last 20 years (that makes me sound very old.. ) but it’s true it started when I was 16.. (yes that makes me 36 and I’m not at all bothered about it!). So for me this is all very interesting and a bit scary and exciting at the same time.. sorry being very personal here, but I just have to share.. to be continued.. 
Hope you didn’t get too bored reading.. 
Have a nice evening!
We’re doing something exciting tomorrow..