Signs of spring

I love spring! It’s my favourite season. We’ve had a taste of spring the last couple of days and it’s been great. After a couple of months with tons of rain we deserve it! 
Look at the beautiful magnolia branch in this photo. I do of course also love the furniture, all the light, the high ceiling, the floor.. All of it! What a great room! A room with a real spring feel to it. Are you looking forward to spring too?

Hege in France spring photo Yellows
photo Yellows
Here’s a taste of our early signs of spring from todays trip to the lake. 

Hege in France
By the way, Valentine’s Day was really nice. Hope you had a great night too. I can’t remember last time we sat and talked at the dining table all night. Then again we had a lot to talk about… We’ve made some big decisions… I’ll tell you more soon. 
Hope you’ve had a great weekend!!