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I’m going to be highly personal and share with you again as I’ve had a few questions from you.. First of all, no my shoulder isn’t getting any better. The Dr gave me anti-inflammatory tablets, but they gave me terrible stomach pains.. and she then gave me a tablet for my stomach.. that tablet makes my heartbeat rase and leaves me awake all night.. so I’ve now got more problems than I had when I went to the Dr… So I’m very frustrated.. I’m still on the Whole30 diet and finding it quite easy now. 
This morning I’ve decided to look up anti-inflammatory herbs and give them a go instead. There are also things you can eat like blueberries, broccoli and sweet potato, so I’ll be going to buy some later. It’s worth trying. So, basically I’m kind of worse off and I’m still not spending much time in front of my pc… but I had some time to re-arrange our ever-changing bedroom again and here’s a sneak peak.. 🙂 The room-divider is also finished and here it is.. 
 I’m so sorry I can’t visit blogs.. I don’t like missing out.. 
Have a lovely day!