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Show rooms

When it comes to new apartment buildings and show rooms this is probably the nicest one I’ve seen. Yes, it does have quite a bit of the colour pink, but there are some really nice details here. I’ve been to a few show homes and they often look a bit too glam and princess like. Here it feels a lot more natural. Although there’s the colour pink, I think it works really well with the more masculine black. 
This is a great way of adding an office space to your living room. The large office desk really makes use of this space that often wouldn’t be utilised. It doesn’t feel imposing it rather makes the space feel more lived in and loved. If you now feel inspired to get a black desk, you can find many options from Argos.

The bedroom is mainly dark grey and black, but some softer tones have been added in the way of clothes and accessories. Texture also plays a role here when you look at the bed with the linnen sheets. It brings a bit more life to the bed. 
Although this girls bedroom is pink it doesn’t feel too princess like! Again, I think it’s because of the black details. The large knitted beanbag makes a great reading corner and shows potential buyers how they could make use of the space. By adding a beanbag or if you don’t have the space, a pouffe, like the ones here you’re adding an extra seat to a room.

I often see show rooms where practical things haven’t been given much thought. They send you off thinking it was lovely, BUT where do I put the children’s toys, so to me a show room should be nice, yes, but also more practical.
Have a great day!