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Our curtain choice – charcoal

Whilst in Spain I helped my parents make their rental home a more personal home. One thing they don’t have is curtains, so before leaving I requested some samples from The Natural Curtain Company. I received five samples and brought them to Spain with me. 
Although it’s very hot in Spain I feel curtains can still add a cozyness to a room and make it more complete. My parents have always had curtains, so I think adding this comfort makes it more like a home they’re used to. 
As they have white walls we tried natural fabrics as well as silk fabrics, but ended up with the made to measure fabric Charcoal which coincidentally is from Spain. It goes really well with their charcoal sofa as well as their garden furniture. As it’s just the two of them, they don’t want lots of clutter, so they decided to use the garden furnture inside and outside to free up space. I think this is a really good idea. 

For the curtain choice we decided the best option was the darker curtains – charcoal, as everything else is either white or light grey (floor tiles). It’s quite a trendy town house with a glass stair case, so the colour scheme works really well. With the addition of some green plants it looks lovely. 

A couple of years ago, I painted the vintage frame in the photo. It was a skip find (yes, really!!). I painted a very thin coat of light grey paint to make it look nice in their Norwegian living room. Thankfully it looks nice in Spain too. The simple painting is of Magnus holding a balloon and was painted by an artist friend in France. (This is all very international.)

As my parents now are a long way from home, they have brought some of their things and are now making this their dream home. It’s nice to be able to help them. Having the curtain samples with me was really good so they could see the colour and also feel the quality of the fabric. I can’t wait to see the living room when it’s all done. I think it’ll look great. 
In the kitchen we’re concidering roman blinds instead of curtains, but will stick to the same fabric as the kitchen / dining / living room is all open plan. 
I’d love to hear what you think. Was it the right choice to go dark?