Office space in built in wardrobe

I like good solutions. When I was younger I couldn’t figure out why kitchen cupboards stopped half way up the wall. Wouldn’t it make more sence to use the space? Of course now there are cupboards like that. Floor to ceiling makes so much more sense, especially if there’s a space issue. This doens’t just apply to kitchens, but to bedrooms too. 
I’ve written about hidden office spaces before (here and here). I love this idea of incorporating a desk in a floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe. There’s space for everything you need. 

You really wouldn’t know this home office space was there. There’s even space for the chair to stay in the wardrobe when it’s not in use. Nice detail. When the door is closed, the clutter is gone and the room goes back to being a lovely, relaxing bedroom. Perfect. 

I spot a very cool Harry Allen pig money bank in this photo. 

photo by Urban Wardrobes

Nice use of space isn’t it?