Nordic home with attitude

This is a home after my own taste. It’s got designer furniture, yes, but it’s also got something else. It’s not white and sweet, it’s got attitude. I think it’s the mix of styles that does it. You could make this home look really romantic and sweet, but instead the owner has made it masculine. This apartment is located the city centre of Copenhagen, but it really doesn’t have the feel of being in a busy place. 
The Mies van der Rohe Barcelona daybed has been on my wish list for a long time    (yes, it’s still there.. ). 
This home shows exactly what I’ve talked (written) about before – pick up unique things when you go travelling. Here the leather poufs are from Marrakesh. 

The gold letters were bought at a flea market in Copenhagen and came from a Pharmacy that closed down. Don’t you love little stories like that?! Designer furniture is fine, but to make a home unique you need finds like these. 
I love this industrial home office. I still think we should all paint everything white… but I guess you know that already. I’m just amazed at how much light there is here.
Have a great new week!!