Nightwear from Soak & Sleep

I’ve been wanting to paint something really dark for a while. Recently I’ve not been using my bedroom workspace, so I decided to move my desk. It was just in the way to be honest. The white sheet of plywood I had behind my desk has now been painted dark green – colour magpie to be exact. I’ve finally hung up my Menu coat hanger and my new items from Soak & Sleep. I was asked to try their products and I’m really happy with them. Soak & Sleep sell bedding and bathroom items, as well as mattresses and nightwear.

I love grandad-style pyjamas and I even found them in my favourite colour grey, so I’m happy. My flannel pyjamas are really soft and cozy. I’ve already said that I like pink details, so I chose the Lotus pink socks to go with my pj’s. They are 100% Mongolian Cashmere, so you can imagine how nice and warm they are. Perfect for cold evenings. I think I am prepared for winter.

soak and sleep

soak and sleep menu rack

soak and sleep socks

My vintage bench is now back in the bedroom. It’s a bit wobbly and not at all straight, but I like it. It’s perfect for bathroom accessories and towels.



The items in this post were sponsored by Soak & Sleep, but the views are all mine.