New table in the living room

It was time for a new table as the retro one from France was getting more and more wobbly. A wobbly coffee table is of course not ideal, so our poor old retro table is out and in is this black and grey table from Made.
You can pop over to Life in Sketch to see more photos of our living room. I know, I’ve gone a bit colour crazy! I think it’s healthy.. It’s summer and I love decorating with flowers. 
(The cushions from Ferm Living.)

Our new table acutally came with two smaller tables that can fit underneath the grey one. I didn’t really see the need for three tables in our small living room, so instead I’ve been a bit creative.. Magnus has got a new bedside table and we also got a new side table. I’ll show you that later. Magnus and I have got a project this summer – to paint and re-decorate his room. We’ll be starting after our trip to Norway. We’ve yet to decide on a colour scheme, but we’re discussing it! It’s fun deciding what to do together, although I do have a feeling it wouldn’t just be the table that would be red if he got to choose everything..