New sofa collection Versato by Rom Sofas

Rom Sofas have just launched a brand new sofa collection, called the Versato range.  You can have your sofa custom made and there are a lot of options to choose from. There are many different functions from electric recliners to manually adjustable seat depths and you can even control the new Versato collection with a sleek new remote control. Sounds good, right?!  In fact, it’s even possible to have a USB cable built in. Amazing! But that’s not all, there’s also an option of heated seats. I’m always cold, so I think that sounds magic!



The Versato collection has three ranges. Cadini as you can see below, you can discover Colorado here and the Tasman. There’s a video below where you can see more of the ranges. I like the minimal look and the fact that you can take ownership of the sofa and make it completely unique to suit your needs. Delivering an extra level of comfort, the seat depth and headrests can be manually adjusted and with a stylish curved silhouette. The style of sofa would fit in traditional as well as minimal homes. It’s suited to any home.

Below you can see some of the different functions of the Cadini sofa. There are 3 seat heights available and the sofa is available in leather or fabric. I’ve chosen to feature these photos as it features a Scandinavian style home. I love green plants and grey is one of my favourite colours, so I think this living room looks nice and cosy. In the video below you can see a minimal home with leather sofas. We’re all different, so why would we find the same position comfortable? We simply don’t and I like the fact that you can control and adapt one part of the sofa to your needs. If you’re tall you can increase the height of your seat. I think my husband would love that! You can also increase the length of the sofa in 10 cm steps when you order it. So again, if you’re tall and would like the sofa to be built to your height it’s simple to do with the great option of a 10 cm step. From armchairs at 80 cm, you can have a sofa with up to 4 meter length! You go to the retailer and build your sofa with them on an iPad. How cool is that?

New sofa collection Versato by Rom Sofas

Black and white living room with Grey Versato sofa.

New sofa collection

Nordic living room decor with grey sofa.

New sofa collection Versato by Rom Sofas

Versato collection.

New sofa collection

Customizable sofa

New sofa collection Versato by Rom Sofas

Comfortable sofa with lots of options.

To find out more check out this video. I really like the different colour options and the minimal design. You can see the different ways to have your own sofa custom built and how the remote control works. It’s really simple to use and I have to say it looks really comfortable.

Images and video created by Rom Sofas.

I’ve created a Guest Pinterest board and you can see more photos from the Versato collection here.

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This post was written in collaboration with Rom Sofas, all views are my own.