Natural light – a priority

I’ve mentioned many times how important light is to me. Having grown up in Norway, I have experienced the total darkness in the winter. It’s maybe why I’m a Spring / Summer person. I simply feel better when there’s lots of light!

I think if I had the option my favourite place to live would be in an industrial loft like this one. 

photo by Paulina Arcklin
Or this place where you have a great view of the garden. These large window really make the most of both the inside and the outside. 

In our old barn in France we had four rooms upstairs. Two, the bathroom and a bedroom had VELUX skylights. The other two bedrooms had a tiny little window each. The windows were down low because of the sloaping roof and you had to sit down on the floor to look out onto the garden. Not practical, safe or ideal. 
You wouldn’t believe the difference from having skylights to not having them. It really was night and day. I think sometimes you need to experience something to fully understand as I had no idea how this would effect us. The bathroom and one bedroom were beaming with light, whilst the two other rooms were so dark. If we had been a bit more clever we could have done something amazing! We could have added balcony roof windows. I didn’t even realise that these existed back then. We would have had such a nice view over the garden and so much natural light. I think this would have helped a lot especially as one of the rooms was our home office. 

When we built and designed our new home in 2009, light and windows were a priority and we had lots of them! I love natural light and couldn’t go back to living somewhere really dark. So when we go house hunting again, natural light will be one of my main priorities. 

photo by Fantastic Frank
Happy Friday! 
I’m off out to enjoy a quiet coffee (in the sun) 
as the school holidays start later today!!