Monochrome home office inspiration

accessories for a monochromee office

You might have noticed that my work space changes a lot! As I work from home, I think it’s really important to have an inspiring desk space. My workspace has been monochrome for the last 4 years. By monochrome I mean mostly black and white, but I’ve normally got a green plant on my desk or in the window. It adds to the space and gives it a bit of a fresh feel.

I prefer to keep my office really tidy. I think I work better when I have a tidy desk. My desk also has to feel inspiring.  I normally hang up a quote and some nice posters. It’s quick and easy to hang up a bit of inspiration from magazines. Hold them together with a clip or a clipboard. This way your workspace can change all the time without having to change the basics like your furniture.

monochrome magazine inspiration in a clip


At the moment I would add a touch of brass in form of a clip or a pen, as brass is really trendy. I think the most important thing is not to overdo it by adding too much of something trendy. Just add something small and simple. A lamp could be a good option too, if everything else was monochrome or all white (or all black for that matter) a brass lamp would look great.


monochrome workspace with a touch of wood


For other monochrome workspace ideas, have a look at my curated Pinterest board. I prefer to keep my furniture minimal and simple.


This article was created in collaboration with Argos. All photos were taken by me.