Minimal decor maximal style

This home might be quite minimal when it come to decor, but it certainly makes up for it in style. Minimal decor, maximal style. The colours in the photos are very now in Scandinavian decor and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them. I’m a fan, are you?

A great way of adding privacy is by adding curtains. Open plan is fine, but here you get a softer feel to the space with the long curtains. It kind of breaks up the more masculine concrete floors (which I love) and adds a bit of a feminine touch.

PippaDrummond_SU_DouglasBec_004_1000 PippaDrummond_SU_DouglasBec_005_1000 PippaDrummond_SU_DouglasBec_006_1000

all photos by Pippa Drummond

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