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Light rustic oak laminate flooring

Our floorboards were not in great condition and in fact you can see the garage below in some parts, so we decided to put down laminate flooring. We chose to go to the leader in design floors, Quick Step and found exactly what we were looking for. I ordered a few samples and ended up choosing a grey tone. Largo is the name of the collection and the design is called Light Rustic Oak laminate flooring. You can find out more specifications here.

In fact, I read that Quick Step’s slogan is the “Start of Something Beautiful”, which I think fits in really well here. Our space feels so bright with the light grey floor. It’s really beautiful. The reason for choosing this particular floor was actually because of the extra long and wide planks, and because it was slightly grey. As we’re keeping the ceiling the way it is, we wanted something light that would work well with the rest of the wood. Grey floors are of course trendy too.

Another bonus and reason for choosing this type of flooring was of course the click system. Quick Step actually has it’s own patented Uniclic System that makes the floor easy to install. In fact, the living room floor is nearly done!

So we’ve managed to achieve a light washed oak effect without the hassle of lots of maintenance. We’ll never have to treat our floor the way you have to with hardwood flooring.  Easy maintenance – sounds good to me! After all of this sitting back and actually taking a moment to enjoy it all sounds ideal. I seriously can’t wait to move!

LIGHT RUSTIC OAK LAMINATE FLOORING inspiration Light rustic oak laminate flooring Light rustic oak laminate flooring by Quick StepLight rustic oak laminate flooringlaminate flooring samples from Quick StepWe actually like the floor so much that we’ve decided to have it in the kitchen too. The layout has actually changed slightly. We (meaning our joiner) has knocked down the wall from the family room to the kitchen. It’s now brighter and feels more like a space you would want to spend time in. Before the kitchen was very dark and felt closed in. So, as we’ve knocked down the wall, we want the same flooring as in the rest of the living space. The plan was always for the family room to have the same floor, but we’ll be ordering more flooring to keep it all the same. This is all very exciting! I’ll show you more of the floor as soon as it’s finished. We (or probably more I) can’t wait to order lamps and furnish our new home. We need a new kitchen too. There’s so much to sort out, but the main thing is that we’re seeing progress. A few more weeks and we’ll be living here.

quick step largo Light rustic oak laminate flooringHop over to Quick Step for inspiration and check out the Largo collection and the light rustic oak laminate flooring here.