Leather and dark blue decor

I came across this quite simple but stylish decor on the Bolaget website. I love leather armchairs and I think it looks great against this dark blue wall. The gold floor lamp also goes well with these colours. It really sticks out against the blue. I’m hoping to pick one up at a market or in a second hand shop one day. I really want a retro one.

I’m quite excited to see vintage furniture appearing again. This was actually the reason for starting my blog in the first place almost 4 years ago. I used to buy French vintage furniture at markets and do it up. I used to love working outside on our patio in the sunshine. Not sure if I’m dreaming of sunshine, my own garden or vintage furniture here, but it was something I really used to enjoy and miss. I think it’s ok to do a bit of dreaming on a rainy Monday. It’s that cold it even feels like it’s time to get sheepskin rugs out. It’s starting to feel like autumn here..

leather chair blue wall

leather chair and blue wall

leather armchair

photos by Bolaget

For more chair and blue inspiration have a look at my Pinterest boards.  Happy new week!