I’m back..

Sorry.. I don’t know what happened, but I just badly needed a break from my pc.. We went on an unplanned camping trip at the weekend and it was fun! Magnus had a blast! Swimming in the lake and in the pool. Nice! The rest of the time we’ve been at home, but I’ve been avoiding my pc. Instead I’ve been cleaning and tidying up in every cupboard and drawer I could find.. If I was pregnant, which I’m not, I think you would call this NESTING.. 🙂 I went a little crazy, but now I’m hugely motivated and ready for more blogging… Can’t wait to let you know about the next challenge! It’s going to be bigger than the other ones and there are 3 really nice prizes to win! It’s all lined up.. Anyway.. I’ll stop writing.. 
Here’s a really nice apartment in Berlin I found on the freundevonfreunden site. To read the interview click HERE. Enjoy! 
Don’t you just love these chairs? And the shelves in the kitchen.. Wow!

Have a lovely day! We’re going to our village fête! Merry go round here we come!