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IKEA news – new black items launching August 2016

More IKEA NEWS! I’m really excited about the new items from IKEA, launching in August 2016. They seem to always get it right. I’m especially excited about the black items. The new cabinet doors look amazing and are definitely what we can call a statement. You wouldn’t forget a kitchen like that in a hurry.

Black looks so good with dark wood. Have a look at the kitchen in the second photo. I’ve spotted a really nice idea here. If you have a long and narrow gallery kitchen with walls on either side, this would be a brilliant way of opening the space up. Those types of kitchens can feel a bit claustrophobic, so why not open the space up with an internal window. It would make the space feel lighter too.

Anyway, back to the IKEA news! I’ll definitely be buying the black candle holder and would love some of the crockery too.

IKEA KALVIA doors IKEA news launching August 2016


IKEA 2016


ikea news august 2016

IKEA ENIGHET candle holder




All images by IKEA