How to decorate with green plants in 2015

The green plant trend has been here for quite a while, but lately I’ve noticed that the trend is changing. It’s no longer enough to have a plant here and there, the trend is lots of plants grouped together. If you have a trolley to put them on it’s even better. Here’s how to decorate with green plants in 2015.

How to add green plants to a room

photo by Gingerbreadhouse on Sköna Hem

trolley with green plants

photo by Suvi Viitanen

house doctor grouped plants

photo by House Doctor

If you don’t have a trolley why not use an old trestle table leg like here,

grouped plants on trestle table leg

photo by Fantastic Frank

 or group green plants on the floor.

Da daa green plants grouped togheter on the floor

photo by Anna Pirkola

Bolia trending grouped plantsphoto by Bolia

Do you like this new trend?

You can find more green plants inspiration here. x