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Having that eye for details

Sometimes it really is all about having the EYE. At a first glance this to me looks perfectly styled and really expensive. It’s actually all second hand either from bric-à-bracs or second hand shops. 
The bench was sanded and oiled (looks brand new to me). Sometimes a bit of vision is required for second hand items, but with that you really can achieve something rather spectacular. 

all photos and styling by RI-MAKE

As well as the bench, the vase and the candle holders were also second hand. It’s amazing what you can find if you take time to look. One thing I really like about charity shops and second hand markets is that you don’t know what you’ll find and when. It’s exciting! 

I came across the Norwegian blog Ri-make for the first time this morning and will definitely go back to visit. There are lots of inspiring projects and second hand finds. 

I also really love the concrete background and the green leaf. Can’t get enough of green plants just now.

Happy Weekend!