Handcrafted Beni Ourain rug from Sukhi

Today I’m going to show you my handcrafted Beni Ourain rug from Sukhi. I’ve been wanting a Berber rug for years and jumped at the chance of being able to review one. I think most interior design bloggers have these type of rugs as favourites.

Beni Ourain rugs are originally from Morocco and are also referred to as Berber rugs. I thought it was quite interesting to read about them, so I’ve decided to share. The reason they are called Berber is because that’s the name of inhabitants from North Africa. In fact Beni Ourain is the name of one of many tribes, whom live in the Atlas mountains. The rugs were traditionally made to protect themselves from the cold. With 100% sheeps wool, they’re nice and warm. In fact, the rugs were not intended to be rugs at all, but rather as something to sleep on or to be used as a cover. I think this is really interesting. This is also the reason why the texture is looser than a normal rug and I guess why they feels so comfy. I mentioned that the rugs are made of sheeps wool, but it’s not just any sheep wool, the sheep are from the Atlas mountains and they are a local bread. This of course makes the Beni Ourain rugs special. The rugs are all natural and not dyed. If you would like to read more about how the rugs are made have a look here. It’s a very time consuming job, but the end result is stunning.

The rug not only looks amazing, but it feels amazing too. I mentionned earlier that it’s soft. It’s the nicest rug I’ve ever had and I would highly recommend it. The craftmanship is beautiful and I loved the personal touch. My rug was handmade by Rhimo. It was shipped directly from the artisan to me, so this is what makes rugs from Sukhi reasonably priced, as there’s not middleman. The fact that the rugs are handmade makes no rug identical and they are all a completely unique creation. The Beni Ourain rugs come with different patters and you can see the different ones offered by Sukhi here. I chose the Aicha. Isn’t it beautiful?

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You can almost see how soft this rug is. I think it’s stunning and it fits in beautifully with my furniture and decor.

* This post was written in collaboraton with Sukhi. All views were mine.