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Guest Post – Armoire Pegs & Casserole

Hello readers! I’m Mel and I write a blog, Armoire, Pegs and Casserole and I’m here doing a guest post for Hege while she settles into life in beautiful Scotland. Hege In France is one of my regular blog reads, so it’s without saying that I’m so pleased to be here.

When I think about Hege’s blog, I see modern interiors mixed with vintage – a style very close to my heart! I thought a nice tie in with this look, would be to share with you all, my love of contemporary Aboriginal art.

I find that when a lot of people think of Aboriginal art, they picture the more traditional earthy style with handprints and dots as an example. While I really admire that style and its importance to traditions, it’s the bold contemporary Aboriginal art that I adore! This style of (at times) very graphic paintings looks absolutely striking in both modern and distressed interiors. To give you a bit of an idea, I’ve included a few photos of how it looks around my home.

styling and photos by Mel Chesneau
What makes it even more beautiful to me, is that while it looks so modern, behind each painting lies a traditional story specific to the area in which the artist lives.

So readers, I’d love to know what you think? Could you imagine this type of art in your home?

Thanks for having me!
Mel x

P.S. A little note though, if ever you do purchase Aboriginal Art, please try to choose from a reputable dealer to ensure that the artists are treated fairly. I’m Australian and unfortunately I’m very aware that they haven’t always been treated fairly in the past. A gallery that I can recommend is Dacou and I believe they also ship internationally.