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Guest post

Harapos decyng, expressive fabrics.
My name is Cynthia and I´m a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My personal project is harapos decyng, expressive fabrics. “harapos” it´s a nice way to call rags in spanish and “decyng” is from “design by Cyn”.
I specialize in screen printing applied to fabrics, and experiment with other surfaces, such as wood. The design of the prints arises from my own need to express ideas and images and to communicate something. This is how these decorated patterns are born, “expressive fabrics ” loaded with emotion, color and images that tell stories.

Harapos decyng sreen printed fabrics are used to make home decorative objects and exclusive personal accesories. Everything is handmade. Prints are original and belong to my own visual worlds. They bring fabrics to life.
The launching line for this new brand is “Table time”. It is a table products line: table mats, bread baskets and pot holders made of printed felt and printed fabrics such as denim, canvas and gabardine. There are also setting table ideas for different moments of the day with these harapos decyng products.
Visit the website and enjoy! You will find wonderful information and photos!
PS: don´t leave the site empty handed, visit “download” section for a gift.