Guest Pinner for

Hi! I’ve been so busy lately. There are so many things happening and so many great things to come!! I can’t wait to tell you what I’m up to behind the scenes.. !
I’ve been Guest Pinning at, so if you want to pop over to have a look at my pins you can do that here. They called it Nordic Noir, which I thought was a really cool name. 

According to the September issue of Elle Decoration Black is the new white. Fine by me. 

Black tap crush…

photo by Eve Wilson
photo by Dornbracht

It’s only one week before my Pinterest event here in Glasgow now and it’s all coming together. The event is full and I’ve been out shopping for our workshop. I’ve also got some really cool sponsors. I’ll write more about them later. Really thankful for all these opportunities and so glad we moved back to Scotland. So much has happened this last year (yes, it’s been a year already!). France was great of course, but I notice a big difference from not being in the country side anymore. Good and bad, but mostly good. I still miss having my breakfast outside.. 

A big thanks to you all!!!