DIY Christmas cards for kids

Magnus made these Christmas cards last year. Aren’t they just so cute? All the snowmen had different personalities… There was a pirate, a ghost, a couple of them had glasses, one was sad, one had ginger hair and thankfully a few of them were super-happy! 🙂 It was nice to see him being creative. He was 4 when he made these.. 

They were so easy to make. I glued some scrapbooking paper onto a white card. Then he dipped his finger in white paint and made circles. After they were dry he did the outlines of the snowmen and decorated with a passion. 🙂 It was a fun DIY project. You could of course do this on a canvas too and give it away as a Christmas present to grandparents. 

We’re taking a sick day today as Magnus is not feeling well. We’ve had a looong night..

Have a nice new week!