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DIY deco shelves

Let’s start the first day of the new year with a DIY. This fab DIY shelf is made by very talented Katrin.

Hello, I’m Katrin from Daily Perfect Moment, and I’m very happy to share with you a DIY I 
recently made.I needed some lightweight shelves for my always growing collection of vintage cameras, and came up with an idea for a super easy and fast display idea.

What you need:
Wire clothes hangers, narrow boards and some duck tape.

Step 1: Bend a wire hanger around the edge of a table to a 90° angle.
Step 2: Bend the counterpart precisely reverse.

Step 3: Insert the board and fix it with duck tape on the rear side. I used poplar plywood sheets in 64 x 15 cm, 0,5 cm thick. For heavier objects you’d have to use stronger plywood.

Step 4: Attach to the wall with two nails and your shelf is complete.

all images credit Katrin