DIY cement candle holders

As tomorrow is the 1st of December and also the first day of advent I thought it would be nice to show you what I’ve made. 

Here’s what you need:
quick drying cement
plastic cups
mixing bowl and something to mix with
(Don’t clean or poor anything down the sink as this sets really quickly. Wash everything outside)
pair of scissors
fine sand paper
First mix in some water. The mix should be similar to the consistency of baking a cake, so quite thick and not watery. 

Make sure there aren’t any lumps. Mix for approx. 2 minutes. 

Pour the mixture into your plastic cups. 
Shake your cups slightly to make sure the cement is level. 

To make space for a tea candle put a plastic cup in the mix and press down (not too hard). 
The cup should stick to the mix quickly. Leave the cup there to set. 

When the cement has dried (leave a couple of hours) you can simply peel off the plastic cups. 
You might need a pair of scissors to make a small cut. 

If you like you can use some find sandpaper to make the edges smooth. 
I decorated my candle holders with some number stickers. In my last photo I’ve also got some plum coloured Christmas decorations and a bulb wrapped in plum coloured wrapping paper to match. 
photos by me
Fancy making some candle holders? They make good Christmas presents too.
 You can find what you need in your local DIY store
This DIY was sponsored by B&Q.