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DIY art

So in yesterday’s post I promised that I would let you know more about my DIY art.. I wanted to make something because my office was uninspiring. I’ll show you my office soon, but there are another couple of things I need to do first.. quite exciting things actually.. It has of course almost completely changed since last time I showed you.. In fact looking at the photos all that is left is the self and the two lamps… lol

Anyway, back to the DIY art..  It’s so easy to make.. All you need is card or paper, masking tape, a roller and some paint. You start with your card and your masking tape. Stick the masking tape onto the card in the shape you like,

then paint over it. It’s so easy. The most important thing is to let it all dry. 
Even the paint on the masking tape has to be dry before you remove it and 
be careful removing it. Just pull it off slowly.

I used white card. You can of use coloured card or paper to get a different effect. 

Magnus has also done a beautiful one for his room – a big M of course. 

Have a nice day!