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Dining table styling with Out & Out Original

I’ve teamed up with Out & Out Original for some dining table styling. I’ve created a guest board on Pinterest that you can see here. I like styling dining tables even if it’s not for something special. I don’t like leaving a table empty. For Christmas I’ve come up with really simple styling of this beautiful oak table. I’ve decorated with boxes in white and gold, chocolates, candle holders and Christmas decorations. I don’t think all of the decorations have to go on the Christmas tree.

Eucalyptus is something I love at Christmas time.  A couple of branches in a vase will last you the whole Christmas period.

Christmas details on the dining table Dining table styling with Out & Out Original

black and white dining room oak table

If you push your dining table up against a wall you can easily add a few plants or accessories without it taking up too much space. Here’s an example. I think the most important thing is to have a dining table that you can extend. I remember from when I was younger that we used to extend our dining table for family occasions, Christmas being one of them. It was nice to have everybody around the same table.

love life & family dining setting

nordic dining room styling with Out & Out Original

For a nice selection of dining tables check out the Out & Out Original collection.

For more dining table styling have a look here.