Current grey Etsy favourites

Some people hate this colour and some people can see the beauty of it. Grey has been my favourite colour since I can’t even remember when. For years! I once did an evening course in interior design (it was terrible by the way and I didn’t learn anything), but I remember telling a class that my favourite colour is grey. Most of them were shocked and disgusted, except for one girl. She said I get you, there are so many nice shades of grey. There are a lot of different shades.  At the moment my favourite is a very pale grey. I’ve taken to Etsy to show you both some favourite items, all in my favourite colour and all handmade.


grey favourites from Etsy

1 ¦ Porcelain espresso cups ¦ 2 Leather backpack ¦ 3 Geometric vase ¦ 4 Porcelain plate ¦ 5 Felt storage basket ¦ 6  Porcelain plate

Are you with me on this one and think grey is a beautiful colour? x