Colour of the year 2017 – BROWN

Did you see Maiju Saw‘s living room make over? I’ve already mentioned that I think a bit of colour is in order in our new house, but I might introduce it slowly. Maiju’s living room is mainly black and white, but it has nice colours in form of rattan, wood and a large brown velvet cushion. The texture of the beautiful rug is gorgeous and the Franco Albini ottoman is just stunning. I think it looks perfect, down to where the print is hung.

scandinavian home with brown cushion the colour of the year 2017 is brown

photo by Mariju Saw

I mentioned the brown velvet cushion in the picture above. Did you know that brown is predicted to be colour of the year 2017?! Hop over to Dagny Fargestudio to read all about it here. Cashmere is still one of my favourite colours and I think I need a room to look like this.

I’ve just bought something in brown velvet and want to show you what it is very soon. It’s something for Christmas.. Can you guess what it is?!

This brown caramel Swoon chair by Fredericia would be a big statement in a room, don’t you think? Have a look here. The colour of the brown velvet is spot on!

Let’s just say that I’m glad brown is next years colour! I mentioned before that there’s a lot of work to in our new home and I wasn’t kidding. I can’t wait to show it to you. I hope you can see the potential we can. So as you can imagine, there is a lot to organise. We’re in the process of choosing flooring, radiators, paint, a kitchen, bathrooms, lighting… Only one week to go before we get the keys! It’s so exciting!!!

But first, my friend Katie Coull Home and I are getting ready for our first Christmas market this season. We’ll be in Glasgow on the 19th November from 11am – 5pm at the Royal Exchange Square. Not only will there be a lot of items from my shop S2 20, there will also be plenty of Christmas decorations and gifts. So if you’re in Glasgow on Saturday please come down to say hello. It would be lovely to meet you.